I was recently listening to a Voltaire song called the “The Chosen.” There is a line within the song that I was thinking about that says the following, “Roses are red, Violets are blue, if I’m schizophrenic, then I am too.”

This, actually, got me thinking about schizophrenia as a disease. Then I was thinking that in the song, he is speaking about having a split personality as well and what I was wondering was this: If you have multiple personalities, can only one of the personalities be schizophrenic, or do, indeed, they all have to be? I would love to see any studies on this, because I feel it would be very interesting and hold much value. The value being mainly for my benefit and bending the world to what I think it should be but hey, interesting none the less.

If it turns on that with multiple personalities, that one can be schizophrenic and the other not, I think I will be in turmoil always wondering if I am the sick personality in someones brain but I think that I am real and normal. Creepy.

That is all.

I think.