Right vs Wrong

Today, I have stumbled across something that the American judicial system did correctly, and yes, I am surprised.

Some years ago, a small boy at the tender age of twelve had a hard life.  He had a flakey mother and a father that phased out of the picture, so his grandparents who were a beacon of stability, for the boy, decided to take the boy in and give him a good life, that had structure and discipline.  One day this boy did something bad and was punished for it, but that night the young boy stole into his grandparents room where they slept and then proceeded to brutally destroy his loving grandparents with a shotgun, while one of them slept.  I say one of them slept because a shotgun blast at point blank range is a rather shocking wake-up call, then being sprayed with the blood of your mate probably isn’t that great either.  Then the innocent little twelve year old continued to blast his other grandparent into the oblivion of death.   After his carefree and boyish acts were done he decided to take all of the weapons in the house and place them into his former grandparents SUV, then burn down the house to make his grandparents untimely passing seem like an accident.   

He was later apprehended and then tried as an adult and placed in prison for 30 years with no parole.  Hoo Ray for Justice!

However, there are people who say that this poor little brutal twelve year old killer was treated too harshly, for massacring his grandparents, one in there sleep the other in waking, then razing the murder scene.  After all, he is only twelve.   Why should he be so harshly and unfairly punished?  

The short answer, because he is a fucking cold-blooded, homicidal, parricidal, ruthless killer.

The longer answer, is that even though he is twelve, we all know what right and wrong are.  The fact that he set the crime scene ablaze to cover it up showed that he understood what he was doing.  It is just too bad that the little bastard didn’t get the firing squad.

However, some people felt that this was an unjust punishment for the innocent young babe with a shotgun and a blood covered face.  They decided to appeal the courts decision after 6 years, because our killer got a GED.  Woo!!!!  He got a GED.  Let’s let him out to brutally butcher more people, who are somehow in his way, after he is out of prison and no longer on his meds.   Yup, grade A idea.  Thanks to our courts however they rejected the appeal and all I can’t say is, “Good job justice system,” and those words escape these lips very seldom.  

I, for one, knew what right and wrong was as far back as I can remember, which is actually quite far.  Never did I ever think that the butchering of another human was right, but on a lesser scale I remember being three years old debating with myself over whether or not to lie over something bad I did or whether to face the consequences and get it over with.  So, the old defense of, “they are so young and don’t know any better,” doesn’t rest well with me.

That is all.