Peet’s Founder’s Day

Today I went to the Peet’s roasting facility in Alameda and went on a tour. Apparently, it is a one day event for the , no longer living, Mr. Peet’s birthday. We got there after my GPS, in the car, told us to take a right into the San Francisco bay. I didn’t listen to her, she has been out to get me for a while now, in Seattle she was trying to have me drive off of overpasses and bridges. We finally arrived at Peet’s and after waiting in a short line, which was much longer earlier on in the day, we got to go on a self guided tour. We watched the post roasting process where the beans were cooled and then vacuumed up a long tube and into a hopper then the hopper was moved over to a machine and the coffee was jettisoned then bagged. All in all, it is a very neat process. After that we went to see a tasting room with lots of yummy looking shots of coffee lined up, but we didn’t get to taste, for testing to see if they would buy the new beans. Then we waited in line for comparative taste testing and after 15 minutes or so we decided to skip that event, since we got a sample in the line. The warehouse is very large and chalked full of neat automation machinery. It made my little boy inside clap and hop around, I love all of the clinking machines.  Then we got to the end and we got to try the chocolate cherries, raspberry truffles and coffee (JR Reserve) all of which were very good. Upon exiting the door we received a free pound of house blend. Not a bad haul for a nice afternoon excursion.