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  • kc 8:23 am on March 5, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: killings, memphis, , Oklahoma, Texas   

    Mass Homicide is the New Black 

    I have been reading through news sites over the past week and I am just amazed by the amount of random killings, planned killings and “I’ll show you,” killings that have been going on.

    Some guy flipped out last night and started gunning people down in a Wendy’s. The slaughterer of the family in Memphis and all of the various school shootings. I just want know when murder became the new black?

    I would like to blame the media for glamorizing all of this stuff, but the new series of murders seem to be different than attention. These are people who are gunning down men and children then getting away as opposed to killing themselves. It seems that at least once a week you hear about this and you just start tuning it out like a tired TV drama.

    What causes this type of behavior in people? Media, parenting, or perhaps God, if you believe in that type of thing, or perhaps we are just scraping the bottom of the genetic gene pool and breeding legions of violently unstable people. Who knows.

    If this is the new black, I think I will start wearing mauve.

  • kc 8:27 pm on March 3, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: , dating, sex   

    Hot Coffee 

    I went to Peet’s today and picked up a coffee and I think that the temperature of the coffee was about 4998 degrees fahrenheit. Despite the coffee burning through three cups and my cup holder in my car it tasted all right, once it cooled down. Then this got me thinking about coffee and dating.

    Let’s say that you are on a date and everything in the evening has gone great. You eventually get to the part of going home, then once outside your date’s home you are invited in for coffee. Now in this day and age, being invited in for coffee means sex. So, you get out of your car and stroll up with your date to their home.  Once inside, you get comfortable and then your date brings out coffee. Then you think, how novel, we are going to actually have coffee. You continue to talk and have great conversation, over your perfect 167 degree coffee, and then once the coffee is done, you are invited to leave. You think, ha ha, that was a good joke, as you are escorted to the door and kissed good night. Now what exactly just happened here? Is coffee still sex or is coffee just coffee?

  • kc 9:12 pm on February 29, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: Addicted Fish, fish, gortons, mmm pills, pills, recall   

    Today’s Special is a Pill Popping White Fish 

    It appears that Gorton’s is recalling one thousand cases of fish that could have pills in them. This is a very serious matter indeed. Not only could it be harmful for human consumption but the fish themselves could be in danger.

    We need to map out where these hooligan fish were caught, because I am one American that will not stand for drug trafficking from any type of fish. We need to crack down on the areas where the pill popping fish were caught. I would be more than happy to spend my tax dollar getting some police in those areas to make sure there are no more fish trying to smuggle their drugs through our vendors.

    I hope that you are as outraged as I am.

  • kc 5:38 pm on February 28, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: google minions, homeless, phone numbers   

    “If you could leave a message and some change at the beep” 

    Google is doing something very interesting.  It appears that the giant is extending its services to the homeless.   It will be furnishing a permanent phone number to any of the homeless in the San Francisco area that would like one.   They seem to want everyone to have a home-base of sorts where they can be contacted, which is a great thing.  I watched a documentary on the homeless before and one of the greatest things to overcome is no point of contact.  This is especially important for those trying to get jobs, if you have no contact info it makes it very difficult to get a job.  So this will help give those, who wish to help themselves, a foot up.  I give Google props for doing their part to help the community and now they have a whole new pool of minions to hire from. 

  • kc 8:03 am on February 27, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: Caption, Hillary, Obama   

    What Are They Saying? 

    I was cruising through some sites and I came across a picture of Hillary and Obama that just screams caption me.

    Caption Me

    “He likes to kiss boys!” “That was only once.”

    It appears, that on the campaign trail, these are the types of statements that will help Clinton take Texas.

    Sorry, that is my diversion for the day. If any happen to stop by here, feel free to post you own captions.

  • kc 9:17 am on February 26, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: , Starbucks, Training, Tuesday training   

    Starbucks to Retrain Today 

    Due to Starbucks popularity starting to wane with its over-expanding, and venturing into fields not related to coffee, it appears that Starbucks is going to do something about it. Soon, gone will be the days of the sub-par breakfast sandwiches and drinks that are correct only about 80% of the time.

    It seems that Starbucks will close its doors for today and begin retraining its staff. This comes as great news to me, because I used to frequent this place quite often. Then the quality of coffee and service took a dive. I noticed that they switched to automatic espresso machines for starters and that combined with the random wares they were trying to peddle, the baristas ceased being baristas and became clerks that occasionally make coffee.

    The point that drove this fact home, ironically enough, was when I visited Pike Place in Seattle and visited the original Starbucks. The line was enormous. The wait was long. The place was crowded, but the coffee was amazing. Then I thought to myself, what is it that is so different here? For one thing, it appeared that the Pike Place store still uses manual espresso machines and they have their own roast. Also, the amount of merchandise in this store was much less than its other branches. The baristas here were having fun, even if they were busy, flinging empty cups from counter to counter to make the drinks and they were pulling the shots by hand. Not only were they pretty quick about the orders, especially considering the volume but most importantly, the coffee was good.

    After I realized that the quality was declining due to the merchandise and auto-espresso machines I wrote Starbucks and stated my opinions. I got a reply stating that they put the automatic espresso machines in place because they yielded consistent shots (which they do, I got three burnt shots in a row) and for the baristas to avoid repetitive stress disorder. After reading this I thought to myself, so screw the original store employees and let them suffer with their repetitive stress disorder? No, that wasn’t quite right.

    A while back Starbucks had the summer of store openings, and this is when I noticed these machine popping up. It wasn’t because they were concerned about repetitive stress disorder, it was about ease of training. So, after this statement I received from Starbucks, I have pretty much just stopped going to Starbucks at all. There are a few Peet’s coffee stores near me that I will go to but when I want good coffee I visit San Francisco, usually at least once a week, and go to Ritual Roasters. So, I have options. It is unfortunate that there are probably alot of people who don’t have the options to pull away from Starbucks. I think a severe drop in business would help them realize that people don’t got to Starbucks for CD’s, games, and lunches. They go for coffee.

    I hope that they can turn it around because I would like to get a good cup of espresso for them again.

  • kc 8:20 am on February 25, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: government wisdom, Inflicting pain for fun and profit, information gathering, not-torture, water baording, waterboarding   

    Water Boarding not Torture! 

    It seems that in the infinite wisdom of the American government, water boarding is not torture!

    This is great news! Not only that but unless that pain is equivalent to organ failure or death, then nothing is torture. The great thing about this measurement is, that the people who experience organ failure usually die and those that die just are not saying if it hurts or not. So barring killing someone your punishments are fair game everyone.

    I can’t wait to hear about the first principal of a high school that water boards a student to find out why he cut class. “I wasn’t torturing little Billy. It was tough love. We just needed the information of were he was so we know that he wasn’t in any danger. Any loving parent would use this technique. Our government would not use this technique if it was amoral or wrong in any way,” is what he would say.

    Why am I still here writing this when I could be out not-torturing coworkers? So long for now, and I will try to brainstorm on some technique that don’t felt like organ failure or death!

  • kc 8:07 am on February 25, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: American Airlines 1 customer 0, American Airlines Deaths, Death from Above, What Oxygen?   


    Here is some advice for everyone who plans on flying American Airlines.  Don’t have a heart attack, or anything that requires oxygen or a defib unit.   Apparently, if you are uncomfortable and having trouble breathing, oxygen is too much to ask for on this airline.  Even though, they state that the masks above are attached to oxygen, they strictly refuse to give up any of the precious gas.  Carine Desir, asked for oxygen twice in the midst of struggling for breath and the airline attended, or steward/stewardess if you will, refused the dying woman, not once, but twice.   Then when they finally decided to give her assistance they brought her an empty hand held oxygen tank, seemingly taunting to poor woman.  This also, was something that happened twice.   Then when it appeared that this was not a silly act and she collapsed to the floor, the American Airline agents box out the “box” that resemble a defibulator that also didn’t work.  I think someone really needs to clue the airline in that medical equipment should be functional not just for show.

    In parting, if you are flying on American Airlines and you decide that you do wish to have health problems, you should think about you last words that you wish to share with the world, because, “I can’t breathe,” is just not to screen worthy.

  • kc 9:04 am on February 22, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: American President, Life mimics Art, McCain and a Lobbyist Sitting in a tree, The First Second (wife)   

    And John mcCain as Michael Douglas as the American President 

    I find it fairly humorous that I saw the American President for the first time just a couple of days ago.  Yes, it was on lifetime but that is beside the point.  I find it pretty funny that the people at the New York Times must have seen the same movie because the day after it aired, they run an article about John McCain’s exploits with a female lobbyist, which is the premise of the movie, the American President.

    It is always good to see such fine journalism that appears to be driven from the program scheduling of a cable TV station.  Well, I guess the only thing left to do is get some popcorn and see if McCain winds up with the lobbyist as his second wife.   It could be a new reality TV show called, The First Second (Wife) and depending on the ratings season two could feature Romney.

  • kc 12:24 pm on February 21, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: , gibraltar, mmm coffee, ritual roasters   


    For any people traipsing through the mission district of San Francisco, head to Ritual Roasters.  They are not the faster cup of coffee in the world but it is usually pretty damn tasty.   If you are looking for something in a shot type glass, try the Gibraltar.  It is dark, creamy, thick, and strong.  Very good.   Now go!!!  Go forth and drink the dark nectar!

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