Mass Homicide is the New Black

I have been reading through news sites over the past week and I am just amazed by the amount of random killings, planned killings and “I’ll show you,” killings that have been going on.

Some guy flipped out last night and started gunning people down in a Wendy’s. The slaughterer of the family in Memphis and all of the various school shootings. I just want know when murder became the new black?

I would like to blame the media for glamorizing all of this stuff, but the new series of murders seem to be different than attention. These are people who are gunning down men and children then getting away as opposed to killing themselves. It seems that at least once a week you hear about this and you just start tuning it out like a tired TV drama.

What causes this type of behavior in people? Media, parenting, or perhaps God, if you believe in that type of thing, or perhaps we are just scraping the bottom of the genetic gene pool and breeding legions of violently unstable people. Who knows.

If this is the new black, I think I will start wearing mauve.