Hot Coffee

I went to Peet’s today and picked up a coffee and I think that the temperature of the coffee was about 4998 degrees fahrenheit. Despite the coffee burning through three cups and my cup holder in my car it tasted all right, once it cooled down. Then this got me thinking about coffee and dating.

Let’s say that you are on a date and everything in the evening has gone great. You eventually get to the part of going home, then once outside your date’s home you are invited in for coffee. Now in this day and age, being invited in for coffee means sex. So, you get out of your car and stroll up with your date to their home.  Once inside, you get comfortable and then your date brings out coffee. Then you think, how novel, we are going to actually have coffee. You continue to talk and have great conversation, over your perfect 167 degree coffee, and then once the coffee is done, you are invited to leave. You think, ha ha, that was a good joke, as you are escorted to the door and kissed good night. Now what exactly just happened here? Is coffee still sex or is coffee just coffee?