Guns Don’t Kill People…But They Help.

I found an interesting article that popped up about concealed carry guns on campuses in the USA and low and behold it was from my old college town, Salt Lake City, Utah.Utah is the only state in the nation to allow the possession of a concealed firearm, on one’s person, on all campuses across the state. I personally don’t think it is a bad thing, however, making this public is a subject that can cause problems. Don’t get me wrong here, not just any Joe can walk around campus with a pistol that they buy. You must have a state conceal and carry permit for the gun. It requires lengthy background checks and it requires classes as well.  Also, just having the concealed carry card can yield benefits with police as well. If pulled over, immediately let the office know that you have the concealed carry card and display it with your license, let him know if it is in the car and then abide by what they ask you to do. It appears for traffic violations like speeding etc, if you display the card they have to do an extra set of paper work, so most people who display the card usually get warnings. This is just coming from experience with a close friend I have in Utah that get pulled over a few times a year and has only gotten warnings ever since he started carrying his weapon.Will this change anything on the campuses? Probably not. Will it causes a political rally of some sorts? Probably. In this day and age I can see the arguments from both sides of the equation, and coming from the country I tend to lean to the side of keeping with the 2nd Amendment. Responsible people can have accidents with guns, but people who skirt the system to get guns are the ones you have to really worry about.