I recently attended a Tegan and Sara concert in Santa Cruz. If you have ever been to a Tegan and Sara concert, you have seen that they are very good and you will notice the large number lesbians.  This is not a bad thing or anything, just mostly an observation but it did get me thinking about something. I don’t know why it got me to thinking about the upcoming question but it did and here it is: If a lesbian started dating a woman that she really liked and then later found out that she used to be a guy, would her reaction be more accepting than a typical mans response (based off of a flash poll I did around the office, heh) or would it be more vicious?

At first I thought the question was kind of funny, but then I really started thinking about it and I started thinking that with girls who like girls have to fight society for acceptance, then they end up being struck with a man, who changed himself into a girl, and then decided that he liked girls. Weird, but possible. I think that this would put the lesbian in a place that is far weirder than her male counterpart, if the situation were reversed.

Being a straight man, I think I would have a problem with finding out late that the person I am interested in is a transexual, simply because is a bit much to grasp and honestly I don’t think I have the emotional make-up to deal with something like that well. I know that the reaction would be on a personal level but in a game of numbers I am curious to see about the reactions here.

So, if any of the two readers out there know any lesbians, have them drop by and post, I am curious.

Knowledge is power.

That is all.