Are You Doing Your Part? (4-1-8)

I was browsing through the pages of and came to the stunning statistics of newborn abuse and neglect cases.  I was floored.  I would have guessed that these numbers would have been much higher.  I mean, neglect is defined by the Feds and the following:   Neglect is, “a failure to meet a child’s basic needs including housing, clothing, feeding and access to medical care.”  This also included abandonment and newborn drug addiction.

This really surprises me as to why the number are still only 1 in 50.   Come on people, we can do much better than this.  Let’s push these numbers through the roof.  Let us all band together and start dropping off more infants on the door steps of monasteries.  How hard is it to put a little heroin in a bottle?   Now, don’t look at me like that, I know that marijuana is the “gateway drug” and it should be used first but I just think it would be too hard to get an infant to smoke a joint.  So lets all band together now, and work on getting these odds better. I know that 1 in 15 is reachable if we all pitch in, but it takes you to help.

Sorry, I missed April Fools day and I still wanted to pitch in.