Here is some advice for everyone who plans on flying American Airlines.  Don’t have a heart attack, or anything that requires oxygen or a defib unit.   Apparently, if you are uncomfortable and having trouble breathing, oxygen is too much to ask for on this airline.  Even though, they state that the masks above are attached to oxygen, they strictly refuse to give up any of the precious gas.  Carine Desir, asked for oxygen twice in the midst of struggling for breath and the airline attended, or steward/stewardess if you will, refused the dying woman, not once, but twice.   Then when they finally decided to give her assistance they brought her an empty hand held oxygen tank, seemingly taunting to poor woman.  This also, was something that happened twice.   Then when it appeared that this was not a silly act and she collapsed to the floor, the American Airline agents box out the “box” that resemble a defibulator that also didn’t work.  I think someone really needs to clue the airline in that medical equipment should be functional not just for show.

In parting, if you are flying on American Airlines and you decide that you do wish to have health problems, you should think about you last words that you wish to share with the world, because, “I can’t breathe,” is just not to screen worthy.