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  • kc 9:40 am on February 20, 2008 Permalink |
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    “Now, that doesn’t mean we won’t develop some kind of office somewhere in Africa. We haven’t made our minds up,” Bush said Wednesday. “I want to dispel the notion that all of a sudden America is, you know, bringing all kinds of military to Africa. It’s just simply not true.” –George W. Bush

    I just don’t understand why congress would let this guy go out and speak to people unscripted. Granted he does probably have trouble reading but still, it would definitely be worth the investment in the long run. I just don’t understand how we let him get away with speaking like I do normally. Being that I am from the country and bad english is pretty much the norm there, I am used to his speak. Be that as it may, I would think that if I ever had the gumption to strive for the presidency of a world power I would probably look into some courses in speech, grammar and diction. I am not stating that I could speak any better than he does but I just wish that you had a representative of the country that doesn’t sound like a buffoon all of the time. Now to end with a quote from this this master of eloquence.

    “The purpose of this is not to add military bases. I know there’s rumors in Ghana — ‘all Bush is coming to do is try to convince you to put a big military base here.’ That’s baloney. Or as we say in Texas, that’s bull.”

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    Slow News Days 

    They happen occasionally and when it does you know it immediately, slow news days.

    When you see the following phrase in a headline, “GMA’ Host Jumps From Building.” You just expect something more than a tandem ride down a zipline. I mean this story had all the makings of a classic news story. A man at the top of a casino, letting go and flinging himself off the roof to end his debt and shame, but no, we get some weak publicity stunt that only Forbes will publish.

    I don’t know about you but I think in order to make this jumping story news worthy, it needed a lot more smashed GMA host found on sidewalk attached to it.

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    Tags: bovine nine-eleven, fear fear and more fear, slaughtered   

    A Dark Day for Meat 

    Federal officials are trying to track down the 143 million pounds of beef recalled Sunday, but they say that most of it has probably been eaten.” –CNN

    I don’t know about you but I think that nothing says good news like the above statement. The writers here take you on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, fear, outrage, fear, outrage, fear, and fear. The piece starts with the statement above and then goes forth to say that the largest meat recall in history is pointless because is was more than likely all eaten. Then they go into practices of slaughterhouses and how they are cruel to downed cattle, meaning cows that will not get up, not cattle with downs syndrome. Examples of how the workers at these slaughtering plants are cruel to the cattle that will not get up to go be killed, go figure. Then they reinforce, why you and your kids have all ready eaten the possibly tainted meat and that there is nothing that you can do now except worry and try to manifest the symptoms that you probably do not have to being with.

    I can understand the need to get the information about this out there, but I feel the way this has been done is the way our government has been running the country for the last 8 years. As to the whole point, I think there is a better way than fear.

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    Tags: car accident, car versus mob, Great Ideas, lights out but an idiot is home, mass casualties   

    Lights Out with an Idiot at the Wheel 

    It is always strange to here about mass casualties at exhibition events and the accident in Maryland is no different. The only question I have in my mind, is what in the hell was the driver thinking? No lights at night, flying down a road in what appeared to be a Crown Victoria. That seems safe. Needless to say the crowd of around fifty, that were gathered in the street to watch a street race, did not fare to well when the Crown Victoria of Doom swathed through this unsuspecting crowd. Oddly enough, I am really hoping that the operator of the car was either crazed out of his mind on drugs or to the point of blacking out with alcohol, because such a grand feat of stupidity surely couldn’t have come from a sober mind.

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    Tags: idiots gone wild, shotgun spree, University Shootings   

    Good Students Gone Bad 

    What is it with people today? Why does it seem the norm now for people whose lives are less than optimal to get a firearm and go on a rampage through a public place?

    One could blame the media for sensationalizing these events and making certain that these people get their 15 minutes of infamy. Before the Columbine incident you rarely heard of such events, one of the only other sources I know of such events happening was in the movie, Higher Learning. Since Columbine, the national coverage of these events are enormous and long lasting. Digging in to the lives of everyone involved and displaying the shooters to life to everyone around the world. When looking at it like this, if someone in need of help and in need of recognition sees these events and sees a kindred lost and lonely soul in the paper, on the TV, on the internet, I think it could really speak to them and it can become a solution for them to be recognized. I am not saying that everyone who reads or sees the press will run out and grab an assault rifle and a case of ammo, but what I am saying is that it can seem appealing to those that are in need of acceptance and recognition (and who are slightly to mostly insane).

    These events are tragic and definitely uncalled for but ultimately, I feel it is the fault of the in depth, front page coverage that parades the face of the killers across the eyes of world. I personally think that the best way to deal with these events is to; acknowledge it happened, cover the victims, but say next to nothing about the killers who seem to want exactly what our media gives them, recognition and infamy.

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    Let the Chimes Sound 

    It appears that I can push propaganda out to the internet from my own domain. How exciting!

    Let it begin.

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