Starbucks to Retrain Today 

Due to Starbucks popularity starting to wane with its over-expanding, and venturing into fields not related to coffee, it appears that Starbucks is going to do something about it. Soon, gone will be the days of the sub-par breakfast sandwiches and drinks that are correct only about 80% of the time.

It seems that Starbucks will close its doors for today and begin retraining its staff. This comes as great news to me, because I used to frequent this place quite often. Then the quality of coffee and service took a dive. I noticed that they switched to automatic espresso machines for starters and that combined with the random wares they were trying to peddle, the baristas ceased being baristas and became clerks that occasionally make coffee.

The point that drove this fact home, ironically enough, was when I visited Pike Place in Seattle and visited the original Starbucks. The line was enormous. The wait was long. The place was crowded, but the coffee was amazing. Then I thought to myself, what is it that is so different here? For one thing, it appeared that the Pike Place store still uses manual espresso machines and they have their own roast. Also, the amount of merchandise in this store was much less than its other branches. The baristas here were having fun, even if they were busy, flinging empty cups from counter to counter to make the drinks and they were pulling the shots by hand. Not only were they pretty quick about the orders, especially considering the volume but most importantly, the coffee was good.

After I realized that the quality was declining due to the merchandise and auto-espresso machines I wrote Starbucks and stated my opinions. I got a reply stating that they put the automatic espresso machines in place because they yielded consistent shots (which they do, I got three burnt shots in a row) and for the baristas to avoid repetitive stress disorder. After reading this I thought to myself, so screw the original store employees and let them suffer with their repetitive stress disorder? No, that wasn’t quite right.

A while back Starbucks had the summer of store openings, and this is when I noticed these machine popping up. It wasn’t because they were concerned about repetitive stress disorder, it was about ease of training. So, after this statement I received from Starbucks, I have pretty much just stopped going to Starbucks at all. There are a few Peet’s coffee stores near me that I will go to but when I want good coffee I visit San Francisco, usually at least once a week, and go to Ritual Roasters. So, I have options. It is unfortunate that there are probably alot of people who don’t have the options to pull away from Starbucks. I think a severe drop in business would help them realize that people don’t got to Starbucks for CD’s, games, and lunches. They go for coffee.

I hope that they can turn it around because I would like to get a good cup of espresso for them again.