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  • kc 8:04 am on July 24, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: blackmailing bastards, Sony Sucks   

    Holy Blackmail Batman! 

    This is the little letter I got from Sony stating, you agree with our terms or throw your PS3 away.

    Not only that, but they go on to say that after I am forced to agree with the terms, that they aren’t responsible for their product quality or anything else.  This is why corporations are bad.

    Dear kc,
    We are providing you with notice of changes to the Terms of Service
    and User Agreement for your PLAYSTATION(R)Network account(s),
    including any Sub Accounts that are associated with your
    Master Account. It is important that you visit to review those
    changes carefully so that you and your Sub Accounts may
    continue to enjoy the products and services offered through
    PLAYSTATION(R)Network. The revised Terms of Service and
    User Agreement will be effective no sooner than July 15, 2008,
    and will apply to you and your Sub Accounts whom you are
    responsible for. Adult Sub Accounts are also responsible
    for their own actions.
    If you do not agree with the revised Terms of Service and
    User Agreement, please contact Customer Service to terminate
    your account(s). Otherwise, you and your Sub Accounts'
    continued use of your PLAYSTATION(R)Network account(s) means
    you agree to the changes. If you have any questions, please
    contact Customer Service at
    or call by phone at 1-877-971-7669.
    Customer Service SCEA
    To ensure ongoing receipt of these emails, please add our "From"
    address to your address book:
    You have received this email because you opted to receive
    correspondence from us.
    Please do not respond to this email. This is an automated mailbox.
    To unsubscribe from the PlayStation(R) mailing list, proceed to
    Please note that the unsubscribe process may take up to ten (10)
    business days to complete. If you receive additional emails within this
    time period, your request is still being processed. It is not necessary
    to unsubscribe again. If you continue to receive emails after this period,
    or for information on our Privacy Policy, please call 1-800-345-7669.
    Our Privacy Policy can also be found on
    SCEA is not responsible for technical, hardware or software failures,
    any lost or unavailable network connections, failed, incomplete,
    garbled or delayed computer transmissions, misspelled email addresses,
    lost or deleted email transmissions due to the settings in your email
    application. Any of these factors may limit one's ability to
    successfully participate in this activity.
    "PlayStation", "PLAYSTATION", and the "PS" Family logo are registered
    trademarks of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. Underground is a trademark
    of Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc. (C) 2008 Sony Computer
    Entertainment America Inc.
    Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc.
    919 E. Hillsdale Blvd., Foster City, CA 94404
    • Dan Waldron 8:16 am on July 24, 2008 Permalink

      I discovered your homepage by coincidence.
      Very interesting posts and well written.
      I will put your site on my blogroll.

  • kc 7:15 am on April 24, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: lesbian, questions, The lesbian transexual, tranny   


    I recently attended a Tegan and Sara concert in Santa Cruz. If you have ever been to a Tegan and Sara concert, you have seen that they are very good and you will notice the large number lesbians.  This is not a bad thing or anything, just mostly an observation but it did get me thinking about something. I don’t know why it got me to thinking about the upcoming question but it did and here it is: If a lesbian started dating a woman that she really liked and then later found out that she used to be a guy, would her reaction be more accepting than a typical mans response (based off of a flash poll I did around the office, heh) or would it be more vicious?

    At first I thought the question was kind of funny, but then I really started thinking about it and I started thinking that with girls who like girls have to fight society for acceptance, then they end up being struck with a man, who changed himself into a girl, and then decided that he liked girls. Weird, but possible. I think that this would put the lesbian in a place that is far weirder than her male counterpart, if the situation were reversed.

    Being a straight man, I think I would have a problem with finding out late that the person I am interested in is a transexual, simply because is a bit much to grasp and honestly I don’t think I have the emotional make-up to deal with something like that well. I know that the reaction would be on a personal level but in a game of numbers I am curious to see about the reactions here.

    So, if any of the two readers out there know any lesbians, have them drop by and post, I am curious.

    Knowledge is power.

    That is all.

  • kc 12:09 pm on April 16, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: personality, quirks, schizophrenia, voltaire   


    I was recently listening to a Voltaire song called the “The Chosen.” There is a line within the song that I was thinking about that says the following, “Roses are red, Violets are blue, if I’m schizophrenic, then I am too.”

    This, actually, got me thinking about schizophrenia as a disease. Then I was thinking that in the song, he is speaking about having a split personality as well and what I was wondering was this: If you have multiple personalities, can only one of the personalities be schizophrenic, or do, indeed, they all have to be? I would love to see any studies on this, because I feel it would be very interesting and hold much value. The value being mainly for my benefit and bending the world to what I think it should be but hey, interesting none the less.

    If it turns on that with multiple personalities, that one can be schizophrenic and the other not, I think I will be in turmoil always wondering if I am the sick personality in someones brain but I think that I am real and normal. Creepy.

    That is all.

    I think.

  • kc 5:25 pm on April 14, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: air thief, cowardly waste of a human, , Murdering Twelve Year Old Bastard, parricide   

    Right vs Wrong 

    Today, I have stumbled across something that the American judicial system did correctly, and yes, I am surprised.

    Some years ago, a small boy at the tender age of twelve had a hard life.  He had a flakey mother and a father that phased out of the picture, so his grandparents who were a beacon of stability, for the boy, decided to take the boy in and give him a good life, that had structure and discipline.  One day this boy did something bad and was punished for it, but that night the young boy stole into his grandparents room where they slept and then proceeded to brutally destroy his loving grandparents with a shotgun, while one of them slept.  I say one of them slept because a shotgun blast at point blank range is a rather shocking wake-up call, then being sprayed with the blood of your mate probably isn’t that great either.  Then the innocent little twelve year old continued to blast his other grandparent into the oblivion of death.   After his carefree and boyish acts were done he decided to take all of the weapons in the house and place them into his former grandparents SUV, then burn down the house to make his grandparents untimely passing seem like an accident.   

    He was later apprehended and then tried as an adult and placed in prison for 30 years with no parole.  Hoo Ray for Justice!

    However, there are people who say that this poor little brutal twelve year old killer was treated too harshly, for massacring his grandparents, one in there sleep the other in waking, then razing the murder scene.  After all, he is only twelve.   Why should he be so harshly and unfairly punished?  

    The short answer, because he is a fucking cold-blooded, homicidal, parricidal, ruthless killer.

    The longer answer, is that even though he is twelve, we all know what right and wrong are.  The fact that he set the crime scene ablaze to cover it up showed that he understood what he was doing.  It is just too bad that the little bastard didn’t get the firing squad.

    However, some people felt that this was an unjust punishment for the innocent young babe with a shotgun and a blood covered face.  They decided to appeal the courts decision after 6 years, because our killer got a GED.  Woo!!!!  He got a GED.  Let’s let him out to brutally butcher more people, who are somehow in his way, after he is out of prison and no longer on his meds.   Yup, grade A idea.  Thanks to our courts however they rejected the appeal and all I can’t say is, “Good job justice system,” and those words escape these lips very seldom.  

    I, for one, knew what right and wrong was as far back as I can remember, which is actually quite far.  Never did I ever think that the butchering of another human was right, but on a lesser scale I remember being three years old debating with myself over whether or not to lie over something bad I did or whether to face the consequences and get it over with.  So, the old defense of, “they are so young and don’t know any better,” doesn’t rest well with me.

    That is all.

  • kc 7:16 am on April 10, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: Government = Nanny, Stupid Politicians, Stupid Statistics   

    America, The Land of Vanishing Freedom 

    I don’t know when, exactly, it happened, but it has happened. The government is, officially, the nanny of Americans. Why did this happen? Most importantly, why did the American citizens allow this to happen?

    I was reading an article on the Guardian regarding raw milk, that stated that it is harmful to people and it can make people sick and it can cause death, so it is not to be sold.

    I can understand this due to FDA regulations, but who is the FDA or any of it’s parents to tell us as individuals what food we can and can not eat or drink. People for ages and survived drinking raw milk and humanity hasn’t collapsed in on itself or become horrible grotesque mutants. Yet, we, as Americans, have allowed the organizations that be to dictate what we can and can not do, from disciplining our children, to drinking raw milk. How, absolutely ridiculous.

    What drove this point, to frustration, for me was this follow excerpt.

    “The FDA, however, says “raw milk, no matter how carefully produced, may be unsafe.” More than 1,000 people, including two who died, got sick from raw milk or cheese made from raw milk from 1998 to May 2005, according to the most recent count from the federal Centers for Disease Control.”

    All that I can say to this is this; Really… 1000 people got sick over the course of seven years. Seven years and how many thousands of people? Oh no, two whole people died in America from raw milk, due to E. Coli, Salmonella, or Listeria monocytogenes. More people die each year from food poisoning from eating out at restaurants. I found a page with yearly food poisoning statics in America. According to the page and its numbers 76 million people get sick every year from food poisoning and 1 in 55,000 people die, per year, of food poisoning. Now, with the application of simple arithmetic you find that 1382 people die, per year, so that is 115 people that die from food poisoning per month! I think the FDA’s math skills are seriously screwed up, in order for the raw milk subject to be a blip on their radar.

    The final part of my ire came from this statement.

    Wisconsin has banned the sale and distribution of unpasteurized milk, although it allows “incidental sales” by farmers. It also permits farm owners to consume their own milk.

    Ok, the restricting the of the sales of raw milk, I don’t agree with, but I can see where they are coming from. However, it “permits” the farm owners to consume their own milk? Who in the hell do they think they are to “permit” the imbibing of anything a farmer reaps for himself? This system is seriously flawed, and this is but a little piece of the problem.

    Fuck the Wisconsin governing body.

  • kc 8:10 am on April 9, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: Carny Politics, Political Boredom   

    Point of Chaos 

    I have been listening to NPR today. In doing so, I have come to the conclusion that politics would be much more interesting if all of the politicians were Carnies. Kerry the Geek, (literal translation, not the computer proficient definition,) Hillary the Bearded lady, Obama the Rubberman and McCain the Lion Tamer. It just adds a sense of excitement to even imagine it, god knows that the politics in the country needs a bit of spicing up.

    That is all.

  • kc 9:41 am on April 3, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: abuse, April Fools, cnn, neglect, Won't you help?   

    Are You Doing Your Part? (4-1-8) 

    I was browsing through the pages of and came to the stunning statistics of newborn abuse and neglect cases.  I was floored.  I would have guessed that these numbers would have been much higher.  I mean, neglect is defined by the Feds and the following:   Neglect is, “a failure to meet a child’s basic needs including housing, clothing, feeding and access to medical care.”  This also included abandonment and newborn drug addiction.

    This really surprises me as to why the number are still only 1 in 50.   Come on people, we can do much better than this.  Let’s push these numbers through the roof.  Let us all band together and start dropping off more infants on the door steps of monasteries.  How hard is it to put a little heroin in a bottle?   Now, don’t look at me like that, I know that marijuana is the “gateway drug” and it should be used first but I just think it would be too hard to get an infant to smoke a joint.  So lets all band together now, and work on getting these odds better. I know that 1 in 15 is reachable if we all pitch in, but it takes you to help.

    Sorry, I missed April Fools day and I still wanted to pitch in.

  • kc 2:09 pm on April 2, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: I am back   

    Lazy Is As Lazy Doesn’t 

    Hello out there possible reader (yes I know who you are). I have been away, busy, no timing about and not writing like I should be. I have decided to get back into the swing of things after my hiatus and I will be posting, commenting, and opinionating (new verb) on subjects and events that are notable.

    I hope that you are well and that your rehab session was fruitful. (See? I told you I knew who you were.)


    KC of the Chaos

  • kc 5:43 pm on March 8, 2008 Permalink |
    Tags: alameda, , peets, tour   

    Peet’s Founder’s Day 

    Today I went to the Peet’s roasting facility in Alameda and went on a tour. Apparently, it is a one day event for the , no longer living, Mr. Peet’s birthday. We got there after my GPS, in the car, told us to take a right into the San Francisco bay. I didn’t listen to her, she has been out to get me for a while now, in Seattle she was trying to have me drive off of overpasses and bridges. We finally arrived at Peet’s and after waiting in a short line, which was much longer earlier on in the day, we got to go on a self guided tour. We watched the post roasting process where the beans were cooled and then vacuumed up a long tube and into a hopper then the hopper was moved over to a machine and the coffee was jettisoned then bagged. All in all, it is a very neat process. After that we went to see a tasting room with lots of yummy looking shots of coffee lined up, but we didn’t get to taste, for testing to see if they would buy the new beans. Then we waited in line for comparative taste testing and after 15 minutes or so we decided to skip that event, since we got a sample in the line. The warehouse is very large and chalked full of neat automation machinery. It made my little boy inside clap and hop around, I love all of the clinking machines.  Then we got to the end and we got to try the chocolate cherries, raspberry truffles and coffee (JR Reserve) all of which were very good. Upon exiting the door we received a free pound of house blend. Not a bad haul for a nice afternoon excursion.

  • kc 5:36 pm on March 6, 2008 Permalink |  


    Work is only work when you can leave on time.  When you can not leave on time then work is stupid.

    • Jennifer 6:36 pm on March 8, 2008 Permalink

      Getting home at 10:30pm when you went to work at 6 am sucks…a lot…and not in a good way.

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